MassHealth, massive headache – Governor Baker’s proposal to control soaring costs by levying an assessment on companies isn’t going down well with Massachusetts business leaders

By Jon Chesto Globe Staff –

Governor Charlie Baker became one of the business community’s biggest allies on Beacon Hill the moment he moved into the State House two years ago. As the former head of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, he knows what executives want out of government — as little interference as possible, and definitely no new expensive mandates.But for the first time, a major rift has opened up between business leaders and the Republican governor. Baker has been backed into a corner by the soaring expense of MassHealth, the state’s publicly subsidized health insurance program for lower-income residents. MassHealth now accounts for about 40 percent of the state budget, and he fears that even more people will choose it over their employer’s coverage.  To help keep that from happening, the governor last month unveiled a measure that would penalize companies that don’t offer adequate health insurance to their workers.   Read More